Photo Art Books

August, 2021

The strong idea that has emerged this year in my art is making art photography books, both commercially printed and handmade. Such books would provide a way to have my images accessible for a longer time and to a wider audience than a traditional exhibit. I also simply love books, the tactile quality, the visual pleasure. I fell in love with art photography through books, not exhibits, so photobooks feel natural to me.

I’ve made several dummies using Blurb and gradually developed a book idea for my current photo series, Be/Longing: Among Trees. It’s got a ways to go, as new possibilities keep opening up, but I am getting closer and clearer.

Along with this, and following the hands-on idea mentioned earlier with textile stitching, I am excited about taking a workshop on making art photo books with Susan kae Grant at Wild Rice Retreats in August. Its subtitle, Zen and the Art of Bookmaking, also Indicates a slowed down, thoughtful approach, which I love.

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