Be/Longing: Among Trees

Be/Longing is an ongoing series. From time to time, works from it are formed into a specific series, such as this, and are shown here. 

Any woods, but particularly my own bit of woods, feels peaceful and comforting to me. Just stepping into it is quieting to body and mind. Read more about the series.

Be/Longing: Invitation
Be/Longing: Reaching
Be/Longing: Enter
Be/Longing: Raindrops
Be/Longing: Touch
Be/Longing: Shroud
Be/Longing: Flow (Horsetail)
Be/Longing: Care
Be/Longing: Storm
Be/Longing: Circling (Common Greenshield Lichen)
Be/Longing: Shadow Self
Be/Longing: Snow Bud
Be/Longing: Tangle
Be/Longing: Transforming
Be/Longing: Littlest Tree
Be/Longing: Pruning
Be/Longing: Tenuous
Be/Longing: Conversation
Be/Longing: Bathed in Light
Be/Longing: Sapsucker Drillings
Be/Longing: Fallen
Be/Longing: Curving
Be/Longing: Evening