Be/Longing: The Light is Always Changing (on-going)

Any woods, but particularly my own bit of woods, feels peaceful and comforting to me. Just stepping into it is quieting to body and mind. Read more about the series.

Be/Longing: Shroud ©2019
Be/Longing: Hand Shadow ©2019
Be/Longing: Snow Blob ©2019
Be/Longing: Nest ©2019
Be/Longing: Littlest Tree ©2019
Be/Longing: September Light ©2019
Be/Longing: Water Falling ©2019
Be/Longing: Mitten and the Walking Stick ©2019
Be/Longing: Raindrops ©2019
Be/Longing: Snag ©2019