Be/Longing: The Light is Always Changing

Any woods, but particularly my own bit of woods, feels peaceful and comforting to me. Just stepping into it is quieting to body and mind. My art is about paying attention to what is directly around me in the natural world; paying attention to the life and light in the intimate landscapes that accompany my life. There is a type of longing, of wanting a connection with the earth and natural world that is satisfied for me by simply being in the woods, among trees.

Much as a naturalist writes a story of what it’s like to be in a place, what she sees and feels as she moves around in it, these images are a way of showing what it is like for me to be in the woods. I move through on paths kept open by my own passing and used as well by deer and coyotes. The trees I touch feel strong, the understory plants vibrant. Waterways and wetlands and tiny springs add delight to the layers. There are also many storm-felled branches and decaying trees lying about. This part of the natural cycle is emotionally and visually rich and I find it compelling.

In addition to seeing what’s happening on the ground, ephemeral aspects of being the woods become integral and palpable parts of the experience. What I see and feel is altered by rain, snow, sun, shade, shadows and always the music of wind and birdsong. The light is always changing, the magic is always there.

This series is on-going.

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